FSM Lure - tying instructions

Some cool dude (he Has to be if he's a fellow pastafarian AND into Fly Fishing) named Mike asked for tying instructions for the FSM lure so here goes:

For the holy meatballs I use pieces from a bead string which was originally sold as some sort of Christmas decoration. These also make great eyes for large streamers and are available in many colors, as you can see below:

I got those from my brother. I'm not really sure what they are to be honest, but my guess is that they are some kind of decorative thingamabob from a crafts/hobby shop. 

I guess it goes without saying that you'll need some rubber legs, preferably of a noodly color. 

Use a yellow thread and a hook of your own choice. I mostly use a generic wet fly hook #6. Attach the thread, cover the shank and stop at the middle.

Cut the eye thingamabobs in half.

Align the end of the eye "stalk" to the eye of the hook and tie it in. 

Align the end of the other eye stalk with the hook bend and tie it in. 

Attach the meatballs between the eyes and wind back towards the hook bend.

Prepare some noodles. The length should be about 5-7 centimeters (or 2-3 inches).

Hold the first bunch of noodles under the shank at the hook bend and tie it in.

Tie in the next bunch between and under the meatballs.

Add the last bunch behind the eye. Whip finish, add a drop of superglue and praise his noodlieness.

May you be touched by his noodly appendage. In the name of the noodle, the sauce and tho holy parmesan. Ramen.


FSM fly now on Venganza.org

My FSM lure has been posted on www.venganza.org. :-)

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