I Thought I Was Fishing for Perch?!?

I had a very nice day on an island in St Anna Skärgård recently. This particular island is very rocky and the shoreline steep. Since i saw lots of fry I thought it might be a good opportunity to catch some perch for dinner. Watching the sun set with a some fried perch on knäckebröd and a cold beer has got to be one of the best ways to enjoy a warm summer evening. With my mouth already watering i tied a yellow dog nobbler to the leader and got started.

I waited a while for the heavy fly to sink and as soon as i started to retrieve it I felt a violent jerk. For a few second I thought it was a huge perch because I didn't expect to catch a pike on such a small fly (#8 hook and about 6 cm long). At this point I didn't use a steel leader so I tried to bring the pike in without pushing it to much and thereby risking to lose it. The fight lasted for about 5-10 minutes before the leader snapped. At this point I pulled out the steel leader.

Note to self: always use a steel leader when fishing with streamers.

A while later it was time again. This strike wasn't as violent as the first one, but humbled by the previous experience I half expected to see a pike again. I was right.

It was about 40 centimeters and way too small to take home with a clean consciousness so I let it go immediately.

The day progressed and while fishing my way around the island I proved unable to find any perch. I did however enjoy the scenery and caught one more beautiful pike.


Great guide for eating seafood sustainably

This is a great guide if you like seafood, which i suspect many of us do. There is also a mobile version and a text message service available. Use them and eat sustainably!


Hit and miss!

I went fishing for pike for the first time this year. Just a quick raid near my parents cottage in St Anna skärgård (archipelago).

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This is what it looks like in real life. The weather was nice but really windy, which is usually a pain in the ass when it comes to casting, but a good thing if you actually want to catch anything. 

First pike of the year. The fly was a green and white blonde, with a hint of yellow in-between, which has proven itself many times in these waters. 

The pike wasn't very large (I'd say about a kilo or so) so I thought I'd try to snap some action photos. It turned out pretty good. At least I was able to do it without having to dive for my camera afterwards. Doesn't really convey the action though. It got free just as i was reaching down to grab it. 

That's all the action from this short trip. 

I got to see this beautiful swan couple though. 


FSM Lure - tying instructions

Some cool dude (he Has to be if he's a fellow pastafarian AND into Fly Fishing) named Mike asked for tying instructions for the FSM lure so here goes:

For the holy meatballs I use pieces from a bead string which was originally sold as some sort of Christmas decoration. These also make great eyes for large streamers and are available in many colors, as you can see below:

I got those from my brother. I'm not really sure what they are to be honest, but my guess is that they are some kind of decorative thingamabob from a crafts/hobby shop. 

I guess it goes without saying that you'll need some rubber legs, preferably of a noodly color. 

Use a yellow thread and a hook of your own choice. I mostly use a generic wet fly hook #6. Attach the thread, cover the shank and stop at the middle.

Cut the eye thingamabobs in half.

Align the end of the eye "stalk" to the eye of the hook and tie it in. 

Align the end of the other eye stalk with the hook bend and tie it in. 

Attach the meatballs between the eyes and wind back towards the hook bend.

Prepare some noodles. The length should be about 5-7 centimeters (or 2-3 inches).

Hold the first bunch of noodles under the shank at the hook bend and tie it in.

Tie in the next bunch between and under the meatballs.

Add the last bunch behind the eye. Whip finish, add a drop of superglue and praise his noodlieness.

May you be touched by his noodly appendage. In the name of the noodle, the sauce and tho holy parmesan. Ramen.


FSM fly now on Venganza.org

My FSM lure has been posted on www.venganza.org. :-)

Yup, I'm a nerd

I am nerdier than 95% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to take the Nerd Test, get nerdy images and jokes, and talk on the nerd forum!


Flying Spaghetti Monster Tribute

I have recently been touched by the Flying Spaghetti Monster's noodly appendage and have finally seen the light. As a good Pastafarian I've made this fly as a tribute to His Noodliness. It might also have something to do with the huge amount of rubber legs i have laying around...



DIY Priest

This is a priest i machined a few years ago, while studying to become a CNC-machinist. It's made of 5 separate pieces of brass and aluminium which have been threaded and screwed together and then machined as one piece. If done with adequate precision you will end up with a smooth finish without any gaps between pieces. It was then polished to a high gloss, which besides making it look good has the added advantage of making the material more resistant to oxidizing and corrosion. 


My favorite fly for pike

I've never liked hot melt glue very much, but it has its advantages. It's cheap, durable and not too heavy. The downside, at least for me, is that it takes some practice before you can make good looking heads. My solution is to encase the glue in a short length of drinking straw. This gives a smooth and very durable head, which can then be wrapped in whatever nice and shiny material you can get your hands on!

The variant shown above has been my most productive one so far. It's hard to see on this picture, but there are a few strands of pearl flash along the side. 

One of many healthy autumn pike caught on this fly.


Longing for spring!

Just a few pictures to help my Nordic friends remember what nature looks like without snow... :-)

I want to go fishing now!