Hit and miss!

I went fishing for pike for the first time this year. Just a quick raid near my parents cottage in St Anna skärgård (archipelago).

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This is what it looks like in real life. The weather was nice but really windy, which is usually a pain in the ass when it comes to casting, but a good thing if you actually want to catch anything. 

First pike of the year. The fly was a green and white blonde, with a hint of yellow in-between, which has proven itself many times in these waters. 

The pike wasn't very large (I'd say about a kilo or so) so I thought I'd try to snap some action photos. It turned out pretty good. At least I was able to do it without having to dive for my camera afterwards. Doesn't really convey the action though. It got free just as i was reaching down to grab it. 

That's all the action from this short trip. 

I got to see this beautiful swan couple though. 

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