Fishing without(?) prestige

Me and my brother (blog in Swedish) have an ongoing competition about who can catch the highest number of different species with a fly rod. Since he has been a fly fisher for about a decade longer than me I have some catching up to do. But I have one catch that I am particularly proud of, namely the rudd (Scardinius ertythropthalmus) I caught a few years back.

Usually the common rudd doesn't get bigger than 20-25 cm in Sweden but it can grow to about 48 centimeters.

This one was caught with a white marabou booby fly in a certain lake, by my previous parents-in-law weekend cottage, where the cyprinidae are especially well nourished...

I really enjoy this kind of fishing and I highly recommend that you try it. Every new species provides a new challenge and you learn a lot, especially if you're competitive like me. So go challenge someone for the upcoming season!

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